“It’s not the years in your life that count.
It’s the life in your years.”

– Abraham Lincoln

VIDA programs are a plethora of health coaching programs designed by AMARNA Vida to assist you in your daily life

By gathering a great variety of health-related topics, these programs deliver an undeniable value for your health, wellness, and happiness.

From endless work hours, to empty relationships and conversations, to diets that don’t work, to sedentary lifestyles, VIDA Programs help you break vicious that no longer serve you.


No matter your age, gender, or social-cultural condition, these programs are designed for anyone that is committed to improving their life quality and healthy lifespan.

Life Is All About Balance

And our commitment is to provide you with the best services in order to find yours.

That’s why VIDA Programs enables you to let go of the extremes behaviors and embrace a balanced lifestyle.

With the guidance, support, and accountability of Health Coaches, in your daily activities, we help you to break free from unhealthy habits and achieve your goals of overall fulfillment in life.

From self-care to self-discovery, holistic and mental health, VIDA Programs were designed to empower you into taking charge of your life and full responsibility for your health & wellness.

Because we believe that different situations require different solutions, we design VIDA Programs for Individuals and for Organizations.

VIDA Programs for Individuals

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VIDA Programs for Organizations

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