Improving Collaborators Health

One step at a time

Increase Collaborators Productivity and Compromise

Increase Collaborators Retention Rate

Increase Collaborators Health and Wellness Rates

Vida Programs for Organizations engages your employees in a journey of motivation, planning and action leading to lasting behavior change.

About Us

Vida Programs for Organizations

Vida Programs for Organizations is designed for all businesses looking to increase productivity and employee disposition by investing in good quality work relationships and overall health.

By engaging in this Program your Organization will:

Increase 5,11 € ROI for each 1€ invested
Decrease 2,86 € of medical costs for 1€ invested
Decrease 2,39 € of absenteeism costs for 1€ invested

Our Values & Goals

In what it distinguishes?


Assessment of the causes of the problem


Focus on practice and problem solving


Based on behavioral change


Focused on faster and less expensive intervention methods


Continued support and evaluation of the commitment

At the end of the Program your employees will be able to know:

01. What is stress and it’s specific signs

02. How to evaluate the risks of having to much stress

03. How to implement stress management techniques

04. Recognize the humor’s impact at productivity

05. Deal with complex situations and conflict

06. The importance of good nutrition, continuous exercise and great relationships

07. How to identify how mental health is interrupted by normal behaviors.

08. How to practice emotional intelligence exercises and mindfulness exercises as a way to deal with stressful situations

09. How to work with intuition

10. How to be able to be concentrated and focus on its daily activities

11. How to be calm and assertive in relation to it’s own emotions and internal blockages

12. How to be more productive

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