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Our stories are what make us highly capable professionals, compassionate caregivers, enthusiastic change makers, healthy individuals and conscious human beings.

Liliana Domingues

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of building a place where all people felt happy and living in harmony with nature. I was always very concerned with environmental issues and our impact in the future of the planet. That’s why I became an Environmental Engineer. During my 20’s I faced a severe traumatic event that leads me to a big depression. Unwilling to become dependent on anti-depressives, I handled it myself by focusing on my “survival mode” and finding comfort on my “best friend”: nature. In my 30’s, and after years of living what many considered the “perfect life”, I found myself unsatisfied with where my life was heading. I was not creating an impact in the world that I'd dreamed when I was a child. The leap of faith that I took to leave all my life behind led me to India, where I had for my first contact with Ayurveda. It was a mind-blowing experience. I connected all the dots: the importance of food as medicine, the interaction between nature and people, and vice-versa. It all starts and ends with us… This made me realize, that our Western perspective of life, health, people, nature, … was very incomplete and that all our health system perspective has to change in order to become “a life system”. With this realization, I made the promise I would contribute to this change. That’s why I'm here!

Monica Martins

After years of dealing with acne, I turned to natural remedies and healthier foods to nurture my body from within, emerging myself in Holistic Health for the first time. After 5 years of learning and going through trial and error, eating disorders, low self-esteem and a whole lot of personal challenges, I realized my power had always been within. By settling the mind, and listening to the body, I regained confidence in the person I was becoming, and today, as a certified Health Coach I want to shed light on mental health and nutrition, as well as empower people in taking the leap and being their own perfectly imperfect self. We’re all a work in progress, but we’re already a masterpiece.

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Our Stories

Sofia Caetano

I have revealed an aptitude for arts and crafts from a very young age and my preference for painting and drawing made it harder for me to fit into the schooling system.

My grandfather worked in construction and my grandmother was a dressmaker, my father was an electrician and my mother liked the interior designer. I grew up watching each to their gift, some detail-oriented and others are more practical.

Put them all together and they can fix an entire house, either taking care of infiltration or changing old curtains and fitting them into a new place.

I loved going on holiday allowed me to watch my family in action. Even I started having ideas and they were kind enough to make them come true. It started with easy remodeling until I was finally able to make old furniture look new, either with painting or an added ornament.

Choosing the Arts path was easy, I am just following all the artistic steps, I chose Architecture because it integrates: photography, sculpting, painting, design, sustainability, etc. I have learned that, through architecture, we can turn the ideas that come from our soul into reality.

I feel like I was born to work with real projects, using materials, thinking of locations and being aware of their impact on the planet. Our past work in architecture no longer makes sense as it has drained our planet of natural resources. Therefore, we have to innovate and think outside the box. Protecting our planet needs to be a priority.