O que nos faz íntegros

We are making the world a healthier and more sustainable place, one person at a time.

We are determined to be on the forefront of how health is “done”, how life is lived and how we take care of ourselves and the planet we live in.

That’s why we are focused on creating value for




We are transforming the healthcare sector into a people & planet-oriented sector

We are moved by our purpose of enabling a safe, reliable, innovative, integrative, less polluting, more efficient, and more accessible to people healthcare system.

We are driven to inspire health providers to take an interest in environmental issues and in advocating for environmental health.

We are encouraging people to take responsibility regarding their own health

We are inspired by the symbolic meaning of the “Tree of Life”,

which represents the evolution of subjective consciousness from the world of “energetic spirit” to the world of “physical matter”. In our eyes, health and wellbeing result from a dynamic process of adaptation under the conditions of the environment where each individual is responsible for maintaining their own balance, harmony, and wellbeing.

Our Values & Goals

We are spreading a philosophy of Happiness-centered” and “Conscious” business

We were inspired by the creation of the great city of ancient Egypt, Amarna, known for its innovations and revolutionary vision. That’s why we are headed towards a new approach based on fair human relationships, respect, and dignity for every individual and an harmonious interaction with nature.

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Our team is passionate about creating a positive impact in the world.

We are passionate and driven individuals with a curious and creative mind. We come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise but joined forces across borders. With a mission to turn our vision into reality and build it from the ground up, we are committed to a new healthcare experience.

Meet Our Team
We areand more...
Meet Our Team

Our brand essence is made up by our stories

The experiences we've had during our personal and professional lives made us who we are today. They have shaped us into highly capable professionals, compassionate caregivers, enthusiastic change makers, healthy individuals, and conscious human beings.

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