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It’s a great honor to be able to create the nest for this team to grow and thrive.

Liliana DominguesManaging Director

We believe that “real” people are key to a more conscious way of living.

We’re looking for “real” people

We’re looking for people that are







People that don’t accept no has an answer or give up when facing challenges. More than doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, coaches, consultants, marketers, engineers, architects, teachers, designers, managers, lawyers, accountants, or others, we’re looking for the change maker that is inside of you.

We are what you make us be.

Although we know what we aim for, we are open to different possibilities that take us there. We are taking small but steady steps and we embrace the footprints of the ones that join us in this path.

The Vision is embraced by all of us

Each builds the Path. The Change is accomplished by our effort as one.

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