A regenerative world? What does it mean? Why the moment is now?

The last decades have been characterized by the economic, social, political, and ecological crisis. 

Humanity has been under “natural pains of growth”. In the last 30 years, we witnessed a growing conflict between economical & political systems and social and ecological systems.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been rapidly confronting us with our multiple vulnerabilities as societies, resulting in significant economic, social, political, and ecological disruption.

This is a multisystemic crisis, spinning out of control, threatening the healthcare system, senior living communities, the education system, our transportation systems, supply chains, financial system, and the major economical sectors. 

While it poses certain threats to us, this mega-crisis also provides a unique opportunity to bring

about the evolution of humanity as a whole.

If we care about our wholesomeness and evolution, as well as the continuity of life on Earth, we have to take this opportunity to transform – individually and collectively – and co-create a regenerative society.

But what it means a regenerative society? 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to be regenerated is to be ‘re-born; brought again into existence; formed anew’. 

A regenerative society is a society that can “restore to a better state”.

Many people ask me, what is the difference between regeneration and sustainability. Regeneration includes sustainability but goes beyond it. It is just another concept for us to use. No!

The emphasis in regeneration is “do more good”. It is not only to “do less harm”, or minimize the negative impacts, like sustainability preconize. 

While the term sustainability aims to reduce humankind’s negative footprint, regeneration focuses on creating positive handprints. 

Regeneration is more than just “treat the symptoms”, it goes to the root causes of the issue, restoring the entire system.


“Regeneration fosters the self-healing and co-evolving capacity of natural systems and human communities to achieve progressive levels of dynamic, mutually reinforcing wellbeing.”

Marc Ian Barasch

This means that we have to meet our human needs in ways that, are not only less harmful to the whole, but that serve the systemic health of the entire planet – soil, atmosphere, glaciers, forests, oceans, animals, plants, all people of all nations. 

For that, we have to embrace this moment to be reborn spiritually, biologically reconnected, ecologically restored, and socially revitalized. This involves reconnecting ourselves to all that sustains us physically and spiritually, which should, in turn, inspire greater respect, reverence, and a strong restoration effort. 

How do we do that? How do we build a “regenerative society”?

How can we integrate regenerative practices as individuals, as well as local, regional, and extended communities? 

How can regenerative culture restore the common ground between us instead of building more walls? How might we design new frameworks for regenerative education, transportation, energy, justice, and healthcare?  

How could new forms of regenerative finance empower a “wellbeing economy” that serves both nature and humanity?

How might regenerative cities enhance the environment rather than depleting it? How can the built environment be redesigned to produce clean energy, air, and water? How can regenerative consumer goods be produced in ways that do not degrade but renew landscapes and seascapes and communities?  

What is the role of the younger generations? How could this contribute to further the vision of the 2030 Agenda – and see even beyond? How can we establish a truly free society, based on prosperity, abundance, compassion, and harmony between all – a symbiotic world where all take care of all?

Regarding the need to have these questions answered, we’re holding the 1st AMARNA Vida Video-Conference: CO-CREATING A REGENERATIVE WORLD, which will take place on the 8th of August 2020.


Book in your schedule. Soon we will give more details. 

Stay safe, healthy, resilient, and empowered, and help us to co-create a regenerative world. 

Liliana Domingues

Founder and General Manager

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