We provide green healthcare consultancy services to help your organization create a positive impact and stakeholder value.

Consultancy Services for Organizations

We are committed to working with your organization in order to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions, in a way that is ecologically conscious and no longer a source of harm to public health and the environment.


Our consulting services are based on a multi-dimensional approach and combine ecology, economy and the wellbeing of people in healthcare facilities.

We have developed specially designed services to improve the health sector organizations’ performance, while having a positive impact, build brand loyalty and innovate through the continuous integration of  “green”  healthcare principles.

Our Services

Green Building

we will help your organization to have LEED Healthcare Certified Facilities, or in case you are a Eco-SPA or Wellness Center, to have Eco Tourism Certification or certified as a “Green Healthcare facility”.

Green Strategy

we will help your healthcare organization build an effective and comprehensive Sustainability strategy, and thus creating a positive impact. We will support the integration of a Sustainability strategy in the entire organization by:

Sustainability Pillars

Developing key performance indicators and goals for each sustainability pillars.

Sustainability Performance

Assessing your Sustainability performance in comparison with other healthcare organizations.

Sustainable Principles

Establishing sustainable principles for all your suppliers and partners.


Analyzing your organization’s social value and impact and supporting stakeholder’s dialogue

Green Processes

we will support your organization in adopting programs that will help you to adopt the best practices in regards to clinic waste, food waste, energy and water efficiency, low carbon footprint, adopting sustainable food.

Green Practices

we will encourage your healthcare organization to implicitly emphasize disease prevention, by prioritizing complementary therapies, due to their cost-effectiveness and value in resources saving.
We will support your organization in promoting the benefits offered by a healthy environment, by addressing healthy occupational habits.

Green Management

we will guide and support the design, plan, and writing of your healthcare organization Sustainability Report, in full compliance with internationally accepted guidelines and principles, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Your organization will be able to explain what drives your underlying value and how management has protected this value by:

GRI Standards

Assessing key material topics based on GRI standards

Global Standards

Analyzing the compliance of your Sustainability Report with global standards and frameworks

Offering Guidance

Offering guidance for the optimum integration of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Report

Supporting Sustainability Report content writing and design

Conscious Business

We will also help your organization to become a “Conscious business”, by being in touch with your higher purpose beyond the motive of making profit; taking responsibility for your impact in the world by looking to maximize the benefits not only for themselves but for all their stakeholders: employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, the community in which they operate, the greater society and the planet.

Are you interested in helping healthcare organizations become ecologically and socially more responsible?

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