conscious leader has a highly-developed mindset and advanced capacities that enabled them to engage in complex leadership challenges with sophisticated and powerful perspectives and practices.

As we talk about in our article: Can you grow as a conscious leader to create a prosperous future for your organisation and the world?conscious leaders hold either a Transforming, Alchemical or Ironic “action logic”, according to the “Seven Transformations Leadership Model”, that was developed by Bill Torbert.

These types of leaders practice self-transformation, develop deep connections, take conscious and courageous action, and hold a conscious vision and outlook.

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The highly-conscious leaders understand that to succeed they have to invest, not only in their own self-development but also in the development of others.

This means focus on three types of development: 

  • Understanding self – for example, through self-contemplation (including meditation, journaling, coaching, and shadow work), by paying attention to the hidden dimensions of themselves and avoiding self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Understanding others – such as studying stakeholder positions, by exposing people to new concepts, debating truths, and even inviting people to drop their mental models.
  • Understanding the context – for example, by studying the financial system or the environmental context, reading about their industry, taking courses to stay on top of trends.

Being open to self-development and the development of all stakeholders is a central tenant to be a conscious leader. 

Deep Connection

Conscious leaders are driven by their inner purpose and are profoundly connected to their mission in life, to humanity, and all of life.

For these leaders’ work, “it does not work”. It’s their life’s higher calling.

Work largely has a transpersonal meaning for these leaders: they are doing it for a cause far greater than themselves.

Work is a way to deeply serve others, to help transform society, and to alleviate suffering. 

They design and engage in transformational change initiatives in their organisations from a place of deep connection with themselves, the people they work with, the broader world, and – for some

– with consciousness itself. 

It’s from this profound perspective, that they then take action.

Conscious & Courageous Action

By being deeply connected with themselves, others, and, most importantly, with the Whole, these leaders are able to take conscious and courageous actions because they trust and “know” that, regardless, everything will be alright.

These leaders are not anxious or feel uncomfortable with uncertainty, as we talk about in our article: Being a Conscious Leader in a VUCA world: a utopia or an emergency?

They navigate more smoothly in the ocean of ambiguity and unpredictability because they are deeply connected with their inner self and higher consciousness. It is not just about an act of faith. Is about the act of being. 

They profoundly trust themselves, not from a place of ego, or fault sense of confidence, but from a place of being connected with their Trueself (or Higher Self) and from that place they are able to trust their team or at least trust that will know on what can trust or not trust at all, but knowing that, in the end, regardless of the results, all is for a higher good.

This true sense of humbleness but at the same time greatness is what enables them to look at uncertainty as a blessing and be grateful for it since it helps them to be increasingly creative, generative, and productive.

As they trust, they are all about patience and resilience. They are able to use adaptive management to dynamically steer complex change initiatives. This means that they consistently adapt the design or strategy as the context shifts.

They intuitively know the emerging trends and weak signals in their environment and are willing to experience what works and what doesn’t and then alter their strategy based upon this information, and repeat the process.

These leaders, by having profound trust in self, team, and process, and dynamically steer mental, emotional, and relational capacities

of complex mindsets, they identify important leverage points and then prod the system and stakeholders to change. 

By creating the right conditions for change, these conscious leaders

enable systems and organisations to develop on their own time, in their own way.

Examples of how to cultivate the right conditions include bringing together key stakeholders to create a joint vision, building a better economic model that everyone uses, or holding side negotiations

to lessen tensions between Board members. 

Conscious Vision & Outlook

Conscious leaders embrace a perfect combination of their intuition to get fresh insights and logical thinking to understand a situation.

Conscious leaders use some form of intuitive process regularly, that help them to deliver better results, execute easily, and become highly inspiring.

They use their intuition at the beginning of a design or strategy session to support the overarching direction. The other critical moment to use it is during a crisis or high-pressure decision point.

They combine this with a thinking tool – normally Integral Theorydeveloped by Ken Wilber  – to do deep scanning and assessment of situations, design programs, support their own and others’ development, and tailor their communications to different mindsets. 

In order for you to act as a conscious leader, that embraces self-transformation, is deeply connected, acts in a consciously courageous way, and holds a vision aligned with consciousness, you can work with a qualified coach or consultant. 

We are here to help you to become a conscious leader. We will challenge into deeper and more nuanced perspectives than you typically hold yourself. 

AMARNA Consulting can also build and execute vertical leader development programs for your organisation, supporting large-scale transformation programs for all senior leaders, or smaller team-focused initiatives.

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