Much now is being talked about the importance of an organisation having a purpose and putting it beyond profit.

In our article Does your organisation put purpose beyond profit towards becoming a conscious organisation? we have talked about the importance of an organisation having a purpose and being stick to it.

But what happens is that few are the organisations that truly live from their purpose. 

According to the Deloitte report: 2030 Purpose: Good business and better futurewhile 2/3 of large businesses (top 150 of the FTS350) have the purpose of some description, only 1/4 make an explicit link with a wider social, environmental, or economic goal. 

These numbers take a more deep meaning when we look to the fact that CEOs also know that sustainable business is good business, with 73 percent reporting that it builds trust and reputation, and 44 percent pointing to opportunities for sustainability to generate revenue and meet demands from consumers, as we mentioned in our article: Are the Sustainable Development Goals pushing organisations to become more conscious?

So why aren’t more businesses living from their purpose? 

And even worst, if research shows that businesses that recognise the link between sustainable development and commercial success have better financial returns in the long term,  

Why is the purpose not aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Three-quarters of businesses do not link purpose with Sustainable Development Goals, invoking that their primary role is to serve their customers and that the shareholder value is the most important thing. 

The vast majority of businesses feel that they already contribute to wider social, environmental, or economic issues anyway, by having, for example, a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Others organisations point out the fact of finding it difficult to embed purpose across their organisation, because of them being such a large company. 

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So, how can organisations link a clear purpose to the SDGs and use it to shape the activities and culture of their organisation?

We answer this question with the following diagram:

This is how your organisation can connect what you do to why you exist.

So, what will you choose: direct your power towards the benefit of wider society and secure long term success, or continue to focus on short term returns and sub-optimize?

As we talk about in our article: Being a Conscious Leader in a VUCA world: a utopia or an emergency? in the existing world of uncertainty, organisations face urgent pressures from all stakeholders to assert their term value. 

That’s why you can count on us. 

We are here to help your organisation to live your purpose aligned with SDGs, and drive solutions that could improve wellbeing and help society to achieve inclusive growth while being commercially successful. 

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Happy to help your organisation become more conscious. 

Liliana Domingues

Founder and Managing Director

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