A lot of leaders, the conscious ones, have their collaborators’ well-being at heart. More and more leaders engage with external and internal stakeholders and are offering a range of solutions designed to support collaborators, whether regarding their career, their physical and mental health, or various other factors that underpin their general well-being. 

In our article: How your corporate culture could leverage your collaborator’s engagement in 2020? We see that a culture of wellbeing and productivity engages collaborators. 

Successful organisations instill values into the organization to engage collaborators and recruit and attract new talent. In the process, a culture of wellbeing and productivity is born. 

For collaborator’s wellbeing, (conscious) leaders are becoming more and more focused on improving productivity through collaborator’s wellbeing programs.

According to the 2018 Business of Healthy Employees Survey Report, developed by Virgin Pulse, the great majority (72%) of the analysed organisations, offer wellbeing programs. 

When surveyed, 62% of organisations indicated that wellbeing programs had a positive impact on employee engagement, 57% on workplace culture, and 39% on retention and recruitment.

In the next three years, 96% of organisations plan to either maintain (47%) or increase (49%) their spending on health and wellbeing programs.

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When individuals are mentally and physically well, they can bring their best selves to work every day. If your collaborators are not active, sleeping well, or mentally healthy, they will lack the energy and focus to continuously improve their performance and drive the business outcomes and help you drive the business outcomes that matter most. 

According to the report mentioned above, 90% of employees believe their wellbeing programs positively affect their work culture. And 85% of organisations measuring outcomes of wellbeing programs say they have a high impact on collaborator’s engagement.

Wellbeing serves as the foundation for driving company success but is also key to a thriving corporate culture. Wellbeing programs impact each individual and also impact how employees collectively engage and collaborate in and out of the office.

In 2020 set goals that continue to create and/or foster an authentic culture of health and wellbeing. 

How can you do that? How can you create a healthy and thriving company culture?

Go beyond physical health! Your approach should be encompassing financial, mental, and spiritual health. 

You should devote yourself to holistic wellbeing. 

You also should have greater participation rates and the ability to more accurately measure wellbeing program impact.

Your dedication to measurement will pay-off, since once you are able to see the improvements.

When outcomes measurement is applied to make the business case for wellbeing, issues such as budget, buy-in, or management support don’t happen as often. 

So, as a conscious leader, you can offer wellbeing programs since you and your collaborators are aligned with your organisation mission and values — driving employee engagement and positively impacting the work culture. 

Wellbeing programs participation is growing and will continue to do so given goals of engaging and retaining employees.

When individuals are healthy they can bring their best to work, can fully engage, and stay at their workplace longer. 

Through strategic communication, conscious leaders can utilize wellbeing programs to encourage employees to adopt behavior change and reach their health goals. When employee-desired outcomes (better holistic health) match employer goals (an engaged, more productive workforce), the result is a win for all.

We are here to help you to implement a wellbeing program that could result in a win for all, by matching employee-desired outcomes (better holistic health) and your goals as a leader (an engaged, more productive, and compromised workforce). 

Happy to help your organisation become more conscious.

Liliana Domingues

Founder and Managing Director

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